LezrApp solves problems of many Bar with restaurant

There are problems that the Bar cum restaurant owner faces while dealing with the customers. Like the Customer and the supplier problem.


  • Customers taking alcohol would eat and drink and under the effect of alcohol, they might forget to pay at the bar. 


  •  Lezrapp solves this problem by taking multiple pictures of the customer, drinks taken, foods consumed, etc.
  • So this can be a game-changer for the Bar cum Restaurant.


  • Suppliers might sometimes deliver bottles with damaged seals / less in number to the bar.
  •  As there is a restaurant too the owner needs to track all food items purchased which at present is a very tough job as there is no system to track all purchases along with the quantity and quality of food items purchased by the staff.
  • Sometimes the staff of the bar cum restaurant purchase less quantity but produce bills of higher quantity.  
  • This is a matter of concern for the owner.
  • Also, the staff purchases low-grade food items which impacts the reputation of the bar.
  • So the owner needs to track everything in real-time.


  • Here the owner can remotely track all purchases done by all staff along with pictures to verify the quantity & quality of the purchases too.

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