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LezrApp helps hugely by tracking the finances of the businesses that they are involved in. The expenditure, utilisation, credit and debit lines of the businesses at any given time!

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Join the Digital Revolution by LezrApp and let your business flourise like never berfore.

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Community Main Feature

Specifically designed for the SHG groups to keep track of their
transactions and staff. And that’s not all! There are still more!

Business Leaderboard

Assess national business ranking in real-time based on performance and other metrics.

Manage Your Staff

The app comes with its unique staff management system. You can manage and monitor your staff without any hassles.


Now you can send Payment reminders to your customers without call them and say, 'Payment bhej do naa yaar!' ​

Simple Interface

Easy to use application with simple functionality. Manage your multiple payment platforms with a single app.

Check Your Business Health

Check your business like a Doctor and see where you stand on the scale between Excellent to Very Bad.

Store Your Khata FOREVER!

Store your khata records for generations to come and now you can stop saying that, 'Chittha ghum ho gaya!'

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