Petrol Pump: How LezrApp solves the problems of Petrol Pump’s owners?

Usually the person at the petrol pump providing petrol to drivers or different vehicle owners faces different problems at the petrol pump. 


  • Lots of commercial vehicle owners get fuel / lubricants from certain petrol pumps on credit.
  • They send the drivers along with the vehicles to get the fuel / lubricant.
  • What sometimes happen here is that the drivers use false invoices from the petrol pumps and produce it to the owner to get the money or sometimes.
  • The petrol pumps give the fuel to the driver but later on are blamed that the driver has not taken the fuel.
  • Or even sometimes the driver / owner has not made any payment but they claim that they have made the payment on a certain date.
  • Here the problems can be vice versa which is of great concern for both the petrol pump owner as well as the vehicle owner. 


  • LezrApp solves this problem with ease as after every transaction the petrol pump staff can take screen signatures.
  • It can also take multiple pictures of the vehicle and the driver.
  • Next the transaction value along with multiple images are shared with the vehicle owner and this process clears the mentioned problem easily.


  • In the petrol pumps industry it is not always possible for the petrol pump owner to stay at the site while receiving the ordered fuel / lubricants.
  • The staff present there just provide the paper invoices with the quantity mentioned to verify the receipt of the fuel but the actual quantity of the fuel received is always under scanner & can be easily manipulated.
  • Here the scenario can be very different if the owner of the petrol pump can actually remotely view the invoices & multiple pictures of the fuel readings that has been received.


Irrespective of the location of the owner of the petrol pump,the owner of the petrol pump can view the fuel / lubricant purchase details with detailed information like invoice , pictures of the vehicle in which the fuel was delivered , pictures of the readings taken in relation to verify the quantity & quality of the fuel , staff who received the delivery, etc.

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