Auto Garage: How LezrApp solves problem related to Auto Garage?

In a garage the expert mechanics of the garage faces two types of problem:

  • Customer problem
  • Supplier Problem

Since a garage is a place where the body repair work of heavy vehicles like Auto, car, bike, etc is usually done. Here, the exterior damage of the automobile  undergoes a process of repairing. 


  • Here the mechanic might have to change some parts of the vehicle.
  • He would later on be blamed by the customer that he has not changed the old parts.
  • He would be asked  for proof that the new part has been used and the situation can be vice versa.


  • Lezrapp lets the mechanic take pictures of the old part & of the new part used.
  •  These pictures act as a proof and the iStatement feature sends real time alerts to customers to let them know about the parts replacement.


  • The auto parts supplier sometimes supplies damaged & less in quantity products to the garage .
  • Situations might arise like the mechanic opens the packet & finds a damaged product or the quantity mentioned might be less.
  • Here the mechanic becomes helpless to prove his point & situations can be vice versa.


  • Using Lezrapp, the supplier can take pictures of the spare parts supplied along with screen signatures of the garage staff who came to take the materials.
  •  The pictures with the screen signature will act as a proof that the staff has received the goods in good condition.

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