LezrApp solves problems related to Office Supply Store

Office Supply Store is a retail establishment that supplies stationery items for schools, businesses, and homes. It includes items like pens, Paper, Ink, Toner, Binders, paperweight, notebooks, etc. There are two types of problems like the customer and the supplier problem which need to be fixed properly.


  • Most of the time OS stores have regular customers like corporations & government agencies who buy office essential goods on credit and prefer to pay at the month’s end.
  • Multiple customers are involved when multiple people come to take the delivery then there are chances that when it comes to payment the shopkeeper faces problems like less quantity being delivered or damaged products being delivered or even a few products being missing. 
  • Even the shopkeeper has to answer like who came to take the delivery or to whom it was delivered.
  • In the case of paper books, it is not possible to capture images of the goods delivered along with images of the sold products & also to whom it was delivered. 


  • Lezrapp makes it possible as it captures the details of the sold goods like to whom it was delivered, what was delivered, how much quantity was being delivered & when it was delivered.
  • Lezrapp also notifies the customer with interactive statements where the customer can view the transaction details along with that he can view the transactional images too & everything is being done in real-time. 


  • The shopkeeper would make purchases from the supplier where to date it was done only with transactional figures like the quantity and amount of goods purchased.
  •  But it was not possible to track the condition of the goods and pictures was not possible with traditional paper books or any billing software. 
  • During the purchase history, the shopkeeper must have faced problems like short supply and damaged goods being delivered to him.
  • He has to inform the supplier by just calling him & explaining the whole thing without any proof. This process is a bit embarrassing.


  • With lezrapp the shopkeeper can track all transactions along with the quantity & quality too. 
  • Moreover, if the shop owner can remotely track the above where his staff has made the purchases too.
  • If the supplier has supplied a damaged or fewer quantity of goods then the shopkeeper can deduct or ask for an additional discount for the damaged/ short supply of goods.

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