How LezrApp Can Help Retailers To Manage Clients And Accounts?

Maintaining paper records of small and large retail businesses is quite a hassle, isn’t it? What if we tell you, there’s an easy and efficient solution to store and manage all your data? 

We are proud to bring you a futuristic 4K Digital Khata: LezrApp! 

What is LezrApp?

This digital ledger app is the right choice for small and large retailers. This solves the traditional problem of maintaining hisaab on paper. 

In addition to digitizing the payment records, storing the condition of the goods at the time of distribution, and sending automated SMS notifications, LezrApp also implements an automated, OTP-secured, and cloud-based backup and restoration system.

How can LezrApp help you?

From maintaining data of sourced goods, and selling to individual units to keeping a track of daily expenses, and maintaining a stock log, every retailer keeps paper records to run the daily functions.  Keeping the same in mind, we went on to study and analyze retail businesses across India and discovered that a significant amount of necessary information goes haywire in everyday routine. 

LezrApp was born out of our desire to bring you an effective system that can smoothly solve such problems.

With LezrApp, retail business owners can not only digitize their records but also access additional solutions, including: 

  • Staying on top of their business’ health.  
  • Upholding high management standards.  
  • Maintaining a log of all their transactions.  
  • Retaining receipts and pictures.  

Why should your business use LezrApp?

A multitude of reasons contribute to LezrApp’s popularity among businesses like yours.

  • Problem – Data maintained on paper of daily/monthly sales information is at risk of being lost. 

Solution – Lezrapp is an easy-to-use application that lets you keep a lifetime record of daily data in the form of i-statements. 

  • Problem – The data of the goods sourced on the wholesalers’ end does not match that of the retailer. 

Solution – Lezrapp makes everything easier by storing your data, further catering to a transparent platform for both the wholesaler and the retailer to analyse goods sourced, stock requirements, and accounts-related information. 

  • Problem – Challenges faced when handling capital.  

Solution- Lezrapp makes real-time transaction data more accessible. Retailers can see information about sales, payments, purchases, and pictures of every detail on their devices in real-time from anywhere at any time. This further takes care of the financial aspects and keeps the company on track. 

  • Problem-  Business is getting affected due to the lack of transparency while using the old school hisaab system. 

Solution- Lezrapp helps you keep your foot forward in the world of technology, and stay updated. This transparent platform provides a space for the customer to trust your brand and take the business forward.  

The list of problems is endless, the solution is simply one: Lezrapp!

Since we fully understand your problems, we have a solution that will help you upgrade your business’ performance. 

Let us help you adapt to the new and effective way of maintaining your business records. The plan starts from just Rs. 93 per month!  

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. 

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