Lezrsapp resolves problems related to Travel Agency

This article highlights the major customer problem which every Travel Agency faces while providing traveling services to people.

Now, travel agencies are public service or private retail that provides travel or tourism-related services to the public. 

It offers different types of travel packages for destinations on behalf of accommodation and travel suppliers.

It provides services like package tours, outdoor recreation, guide book, travel insurance, cruise lines, rented cars, and VIP airport lounge access. 

It also provides services like arranging logistics for luggage, public transport timetable, medical items delivery for travelers, currency exchange services, and many more.


  •  In this business, the customers can be individuals as well as corporates and office staff and they hire a travel agency for their regular traveling.
  •  Here it becomes a big problem for the travel agency to track on which day who has traveled.
  • Or to which destination and in which vehicle.
  • Who was the driver and what were the meter readings?
  •  Any maintenance work or expenses done by the driver also needs to be tracked by the owner of the travel agency. 


  • Lezrapp solves this issue by taking multiple pictures of the invoice, person traveled, starting & ending meter readings, pictures of the starting and destinations, etc.
  • .all of these are shared with the customer in Real Time.
  • This brings Transparency to the travel industry.
  •  LezrApp enables the driver/staff to enter the expense charges remotely which can be remotely monitored by the travel agency owner.

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