Tailor Shop: How LezrApp solve problem related to tailor shop?


Tailor Shops design new pieces of clothing from designs and patterns or alter new and existing garments to fit Customer better.  While doing this, tailors come across many problems.


  •  At present tailors use paper books to note the customer information in paper books & attach the cloth samples to the paper book which are prone to get lost or damaged.
  • The Customer can also claim that the tailor has stitched the clothes with wrong measurement & situations can be vice versa.
  •  The customer is provided with a small paper slip which he/she needs to produce while taking the delivery from the tailor.


  • With LezrApp the tailor can store all customer details & take pictures of the cloth in full rather than cutting a small piece of the cloth . 
  • Taking pictures will be very helpful in identifying the proper cloth supplied by the customer & are not prone to get lost or damaged like the paper books. 
  • Here the customer’s screen signature will also be helpful that he / she is well aware of the measurement taken by the tailor,
  • Also there is no need to use the paper slip anymore as the tailor can verify the customer using his mobile number. 

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