LezrApp resolves problems related to Sunglasses and eyewear shop

Facing a problem by a shop owner while dealing with customers is a familiar scenario. But finding a solution to the problem is a major concern.

There are mainly two types of problems: Customer problems and Supplier problems.


  • Here customers order lenses with customized frames where there are possibilities that the customer complains that the seller has delivered damaged goods to the customer.
  • Also, the customer provides the lens type & frame design which the seller notes down on a paper book.
  • After making the glasses ready the customer might complain that there is a fitting issue.
  • Or he might complain that the seller has used a different pair of lenses/frames by the seller or vice versa.
  • There are also chances that the paper book in which the customer details along with lenses & frames information might get lost/stolen/damaged due to some reason. 


  • With LezrApp the seller can store all customer details & take pictures of the lenses & frames too.
  • Taking pictures will be very helpful in identifying the proper lenses/frames selected by the customer.
  •  At the same time, they are not prone to get lost or damaged like paper books. 
  • Here the customer’s screen signature will also be helpful that he/she is well aware of the lenses and frames he/she has selected.
  • Also, there is no need to use the paper slip anymore as the seller can verify the customer using his mobile number.


  • The supplier might deliver damaged / short in quantity or lenses/ frames to the shopkeeper or the situation can be vice versa.


  • With lezrapp the shopkeeper will be able to keep track of all goods delivered by the supplier.
  • It can easily identify the damaged goods / short suppliers which he can claim from the supplier later on.

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