LezrApp solves problems related to the pan shop

The Pan Shop owner faces problems while dealing with the Customer and the Supplier. These problems can be resolved through the following methods stated below.


  • The customers buy products like cigarettes/chocolates/pan masalas, etc which are small in size.
  • Due to multiple customers and similar products sold many times a day, it becomes very tough for the pan shop owner to remember the details of all customers buying.
  • The mentioned goods in credit and situations can be different where the customers buy fewer products or do not even buy products.
  • But the pan shopkeeper mentions some credit transactions in the customer’s account.
  • So it becomes very tough to track these types of transactions.


  • Lezrapp solves the mentioned problem with ease as the pan shopkeeper can add transactions of multiple customers easily with just a click. 
  • At the same time, he can take pictures of sold goods with screen signatures too. 


  • Similarly, the pan shopkeeper also buys lots of small-size materials with credit from some suppliers.
  •  And there might be room to miss some materials which the supplier has supplied and the pan shopkeeper is unable to find it.
  •  Situations can be vice versa too.


  • Lezrapp solves the problem with ease as both the pan shopkeeper and the supplier can take pictures of sold goods.
  • This can easily solve the mentioned problem meanwhile tracking the purchase and payments made too.

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