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Simplicity is performing several actions easily, at once. Simplicity is what we offer.

Why use LezrApp?

Ensure secured finances with robust security and screen signatures as transactional proof.

Optimal Security

Enable staff-initiated transactions using multiuser login with effective monitoring and accountability features.

Team Compatability

Make well-informed decisions with real-time monitoring of sales, purchase, and expense data.

Realtime Analytics

Assess national business ranking in real-time based on performance and other metrics.

Business Leaderboard

Foster transparency and accountability through wide-ranging business reports and in-depth transaction tracking.

Heightened Accountability

Manage business aspects seamlessly and efficiently, using our intuitive business performance dashboard.

Performance Dashboard

Stay connected

Sync data seamlessly between Computer & Mobile

Who is it for?

The sector which contributes nearly 8% of the country’s GDP, around 45% of the manufacturing output, and approximately 40% of the country’s exports will be transformable with the help of LezrApp.

The fear of losing their hisaabs and khata is predominant when the records are maintained on paper. LezrApp helps the shopkeepers to track their transactions from both ends; Suppliers as well as customers.

The heavy transactions, conditions of the goods and the payments of many people are just the tip of the iceberg when we count the problems of a distributor. LezrApp solves every bit of it with its real-time tracking of transactions, managing multiple accounts and staff as well as the messaging factor that reminds the people of their pending payments.

The people who are dependent on other people to run their businesses smoothly can now run their own business with the click of a button! LezrApp introduces the staff management system where you can monitor and overlook every move of your staff from your phone screen.

What our users say about us

Businesses from all industries love using LezrApp

Benefits of using LezrApp

Simple Interface

Easy to use application with simple functionality. Manage your multiple payment platforms with a single app.


All your transactions are end-to-end encrypted. Only you and you can see your details.

Manage Your Staff Efficiently + Effectively

The app comes with its unique staff management system. You can manage and monitor your staff without any hassles.


Customers or clients can view their dues via our iStatement features. Now you can send Payment reminders to your customers without having to call them and say, 'Payment bhej do naa yaar!'

Store Your Khata FOREVER!

Store your khata records for generations to come and now you can stop saying that, 'Chittha ghum ho gaya!'

Speed Up Collections

Sending automated payment reminders via WhatsApp and SMS can increase collections from customers without visiting them. Collecting payments from your customers was never this easy!

Expand Your Business

With this Apna Khata & hisab-kitab APP, you can go digital, be smart. and grow your business.

Check Your Business Health

Check your business like a Doctor and see where you stand on the scale between Excellent to Very Bad.

Common Queries

LezrApp is the best digital ledger app for small as well as big businesses. It solves the age-old problem of keeping hisaab on paper.
It digitalises the payments records, conditions of the good at the time of dispatch or selling, automated SMS alerts to clear out the payments and most importantly automated, OTP-secured, and cloud-based data backup and restores.

LezrApp not only gives you the ability to digitalise the records of your business; it also provides you with many business solutions i.e. tracking your business’s health, managing your staff with utmost precision, tracking all your transactions pictures of the receipts and goods etc.

LezrApp is the most beneficial bookkeeping app available in the marketplace that will solve the issues of you having to record everything on paper.
It introduces the business owners to play Business Games that encourage players to keep the health of their businesses good by gifting them Lezycoin.

Business Game

Setup your online store, create digital catalogues and grow your business by selling via WhatsApp and Facebook.

Introducing the Business Game
Want to enhance your brand’s image?Here’s your chance to add a whole new level of value to your business.
Earn Points for Doing Good Business
Now, earn points for every successful and on-time business transaction. Bigger transactions earn more points, which you can use to buy & sell virtual assets on our platform.

We’ve compiled an exciting pool of assets, including real estate, automobiles, jewellery, electronic appliances, and more. Using your points, you can also purchase several luxury items, which you can’t sell.

That’s not all.
Get Incentives for Reducing Expenses
Every business has expenses that they wish to minimize, but never before has cost-cutting been incentivized. Lesser the amount spent on rent, electricity, and other overhead charges, more the points you earn on your incurred expenses.

Anyway, that’s also not all.
Rank on the National Leaderboard
Earning points and trading in virtual assets gets you real-time rankings on the national leaderboard. Higher ranks imply better business performance, thus enabling you to strengthen your brand value among peers, industry experts, and customers. Allowing virtual trading only with Lezr points, rankings on the app honestly represent your venture’s efficiency and prestige.

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